ps4 jailbreakYou may have missed this story as it seems to have been given low priority on the tech news sites.  It is also possible that the news is being suppressed in some way but that could just be the conspiracy theorist in me.

So Christmas 2015, Sony’s PS4 console is selling well despite an underwhelming launch.  November had seen the companies best sales so far with over 30 million unites shifted.  With early December totals this looks to have been exceeded again making the PS4 the fastest selling home console ever.  In fact not since the PS2 have Sony enjoyed such sales figures.

The year has seen Sony going from strength to strength since the lifting of the 14 year ban on Middle Eastern and China sales.  This has opened up a whole new (and frankly massive) market.

2016 will be the PS4’s third year of sale.  We have already seen a few price drops but expect another one early on to boost first quarter sales.

With that in mind you can almost hear the cries of despair from the boardrooms and news now leaks out that a PS4 Jailbreak is now a distinct possibility!  It all seems to stem from one hacker who has now allegedly left the scene but not before publishing the details of all his work and thus putting all the information out there in the public domain.  The fact that it was done so near to Christmas only adds more difficulty for a company to respond.  No-one wants to be rushing out updates to their consoles over Christmas – Just look at what happened to Steam on Christmas Day.

If this all seems a bit familiar then cast your mind back to Christmas of 2010.  Yes by then there had already been PS3 jailbreak using a Chinese USB dongle but Sony had patched it and were confident once more.  Then, a few days after Christmas the security keys were leaked online.  Sony went after the hacker known as Geohot who then left the scene (apparently to go work at Facebook).

Now almost five years down the road there are a whole slew of websites dedicated to running custom firmware and running “homebrew” (for most – read that as enabling game backups) such as the PS3CFW site and PS3Hax all with active communities and forums.

Im sure that Sony will have learned their lesson from last time when they took what seemed forever to patch the hole the hackers created in their console.  This time expect an update to come for the PS4 within days.  This seems the safest option.  Even if pushing an update to the PS4 over the holidays does inconvenience a lot of new users the long term damage to future sales of games.

But as with all large companies the gears can take some time to shift so for now we wait to see what Sony’s reaction to this will be.

For me personally I wont be trying this out as it 100% invalidates your guarantee and is also against their terms and conditions of use (of the console and network!) that we all so hurriedly click accept on.  Also lets face it even now there just are not enough top tier games out there – never mind PS4 exclusives – to make the promise of free ones seem worth this risk of breaking the console!

fallout 4 reviewFallout 4 was introduced to the gaming world on 10th November and has already achieved some high rating reviews. It is a series that every game enthusiast looks forward to. We have the main quest and a lot of side quests hidden around the main plot. We can treat the game like the arena or just explore around. It has a lot to offer to anyone who plays it. It is way sturdier than Fallout 3. You have better arms and inventory in this game.

Best Mode To Play Fallout 4

The game area of Fall 4 covers a lot of features. It takes some time, but eventually you will start feeling that you are living the game. This happens after playing it for more than 30 hours. One can choose between 1st person mode and 3rd person mode. The game is fast paced and there is not a single moment that is dull or monotonous. One must be ready for combats and have the inventory full. Never miss collecting the best bits as you move on. Level up as you move forward and collect more experience points. Players can build a settlement and allow non-game play characters to settle in the buildings. You could have as much as 12 companions around the game with you. The most preferred are the ‘Dogmeat’ dog and ‘Cods worth’ the friendly robot. There are human companions too. It’s left to one’s choice to pick the best companion

Game Play – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a RPG – Role Play game. The story is quite old fashioned and a bit lame. You can predict what follows after each step. There are also a lot of side quests where you can bag a superhero title or solve a murder and it is not related to the main game area at all. Some side games are a major distraction and can swallow up more than 3hours with multistage game plays. You can always discover new things that can be collected throughout your journey in the game. There are a number of mission threads to complete and follow. The deserted environment in the game also lets you discover more secrets behind getting things done. There are a lot of interesting factors like eavesdropping on others, dead bodies that have secret notes and so on. One might even find an abandoned building, have a lot of good treasures to collect and save to build the settlement. Sometimes the mission is silly, while sometimes it can get as serious as killing all the feral ghouls that attack you and stop the mutants. There is something for everyone in Fallout 4

Best Companions For Fallout 4

The game is designed by Bethesda and just like the previous games it has a lot of companions. You get truckloads of benefits added while you choose the best companion. Dead Meat the dog is spotted in almost all advertisements. He also has his own inventory with special bandanas. You can choose who would accompany you throughout the game. Most companions help in the combat field. If you chose Codsworth, the handyman robot would fight along with you. It is designed in such a way that you could actually make it call out your name and it is incredible to hear it echoing in the game. This makes the game feel more realistic. If you like a ghoulish person, you can have John Hancock, the isodoped ghoul in the game. There also a lot of synths to choose from – Nick Valentine for one, has a close affinity to metals. One can also choose humans. Choose to have Cait, who would help in the combat zone or Piper who can keep talking to you. Robert Mac Cready makes a good kill shot. The companions are distributed all over the game and can be picked or dropped. No companions die in the game. Some people had previously spread a rumour saying that dead meat would die in the game, but nothing of that sort happens. Companions do not die.

Building Settlements in Fallout 4

Sole Survivor can build or demolish settlements. The workshop helps in getting the base structures. Furniture can be added and the settlements can be customized according to your preference. One must have 4 dependencies to meet while building the settlement. These can be listed as:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Bed to sleep
  • Happiness quotient

A maximum of 20 settlers with charisma points can be in a settlement. The default is 10 settlers.

The Verdict About Fallout 4

One feels like spending a lifetime on the abandoned streets of Boston after playing Fallout 4 for some time. The game is extensive and keeps you captivated for long hours at a stretch without a hint of boredom. It is now available on Windows, Ps4 and Xbox and the price ranges are moderate. With your desire to find new things, this game could be your ultimate destination, promising several hours of fun.


rita ora swegwayWhen Rita Ora and Brooklyn Beckham took to Instagram to flaunt their self balancing scooter strolls, I was’nt surprised. Swegway has charmed the celebrities and commoners alike.

Not that you and I would hover around our house like our favourite stars, but these news stir up our curiosity for sure. Who wouldn’t want to take a cool motor ride on a sunny morning catching up some fresh air?!

The suave exteriors, added features like Bluetooth and LED lights with some models offering a 10 inch wheel and a Samsung battery, Swegway is geared up to pamper its customers. As if that’s not enough, there is warranty for the battery and a return policy available in case you don’t like the product.

In early 2000, when the breeze boards were introduced in the market, people did take to it as a fun toy, falling a zillion times off it while learning to steer. Thanks to gadget enthusiasts and tourists, this futuristic technology soon spread to several countries inviting cheers and criticisms alike.

Some bug fixes and upgrades were made based on customer reviews and the self balancing scooters emerged, looking like serious business determined to awe more users this time. Using body weight to accentuate and control the vehicle speed without a handle bar to steer, seemed like these product makers were bent upon making customers do a balancing act. Fun apart, the idea of a dozen micro processors acting like human brain to sense the shifting balance and accordingly navigate the vehicle seems so awesomely futuristic. If you are a skater, you would take it up this like a cake walk. Basically skating is all about balancing the body and navigating the speed with the shift of body mass as well as the breeze that is either on your face or against it. Here with a motor fixed under the board, the speed control is even better and lets you go up to 12kmph. That’s a decent enough speed for a light evening stroll I thought. These scooters are not built for gimmicks and stunts though. Those options are to be explored by experienced users who would want to get more out of these breeze boards.

But minimising the control panel usage to only on/off/reset features was a real turn on for me. Who would really want to keep bending forward for each turning? Really who would? 3 hours of battery charging to gear up the vehicle ready for use was pretty impressive again. I wonder how long that would last though. Away from the controversy of who first invented these self balancing scooters, it’s pretty much obvious to see, how a scooter’s wheels fitted under a motorized skating board with a handle to steer, could have possibly fired up some business minds to formulate it as a product. If that simple description incredibly tempts you, try those funky DIY self balancing scooter tutorials. But make sure you are well padded. I am not taking any blames here. Jokes apart, a simple, pollution free and portable motorised personal transportation option could have brightly necessitated these chic self balancing scooters. Built as a convenient personal transport vehicle, this is not meant for any mainstream traffic. Ideal as a pavement vehicle option, traffic rules and issues shouldn’t be an issue to these.

I know of an apple orchard owner who loved to take ‘pride walks’ across his sprawling land and probably he would appreciate a Swegway for this Christmas. But personally I was excited for my friend researching in a top university in US when she told me she actually navigates inside her campus in these scooters. What better way to quickly move around sprawling campuses? My friend loves the longer lunch break she enjoys when using these scooters. There are some who prefer the earlier versions with the handle. That has better feel of control and the panels are there to operate manually. This is more suitable for non-skaters as well as beginners I suppose.

Is it cost effective? That I seriously doubt. Except that, regular users may vouch for its convenience and ease of use. I suppose we’ll know in days to come, how these scooters actually change the customer ideas of personal transport. With more users, manufacturers would be encouraged to tinker the price and who knows they could become a rage in days to come!